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FitPro training academy offers business skills to help newly qualified PT’s who are struggling to find work and not reaching their full potential. FitPro provide the certifications required to start a personal trainer career and how to use them to successfully run a PT business. Our brief was to redesign the look and feel of the site and branding to reflect a more professional approach whilst giving the site an e-commerce feature to allow users to purchase courses online.


As industry leading experts in professional exercise and nutrition training, FitPro needed a brand that was bold and to the point.

Web Design

FitPro offers training course for PT’s, but more than just the physical element of coaching, emphasis is also on the key skills in running a successful business. With this in mind the website needs to function as a shop front for purchasing the courses on line, with the aesthetic of the site not your typical fitness training, but smart and professional.

Video Production

Why just tell people about FitPro when you can show them? Working together with all the teams at FitPro, we filmed, edited and produced a punchy video that answers all that you need to know.

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