Studio1 Fitness

Branding | Web Design | E-Commerce | Platform Development | Video Production

Studio1 is not just a private gym, all of its clients say it’s like a little community or a second home. With an  friendly studio atmosphere leaving members feel more positive than when they arrived.


Studio 1 Fitness is the umbrella brand that also includes Studio 1 Kids, so the flexibility of the logo design is essential to incorporate all aspects of the brand, as well as space to expand in to other areas in the future.

Web Design

Imagery is an important element of the site. Transformational photo shoots chart how far their clients have come in their fitness journey, as well as marketing the effectiveness of the services they provide.


Clients have the capability to sign up to the gym, pay for sessions, participate in online training courses and virtual workouts, and purchase meal plan memberships.

Platform Development

A custom built website encompassing every aspect of their client’s digital journey. From membership services and payment through to online training and virtual classes. All that a member needs all in one place.

Video Production

We recorded all fitness instructional videos for their online training and also put together a promotional video showcasing the features of the studio along with member interviews, for use on their website and YouTube channel.

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